Salang Design - Embroidery Patch [Envelope]

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Stationery Project – a project that remind us of our highs and lows of our schooldays. There are many memories during our schooldays, for some people it was a journey full of joy; and for some, schooldays were a one hell of bittersweet memories.

We compete, trying to fit in with others, or even writing a fancy love letter to our crush. However, stationery has been one of the best medium to show off how incredibly hip we were.

From ink eraser to colour pencils set, we were catching up with latest cool trend. Though, some of the stationeries were “we absolutely don’t need this but we must have it”, just because it was in the ultimate list that made us on top of the classroom.

Patch Size: 3.6cm(H) x 5.5 cm(W)