Plant B Collective - Shamrock Natural Pest Spray [500ml]

Plant B Collective - Shamrock Natural Pest Spray [500ml]

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Formulated from 100% Plant-Based ingredients, Shamrock's Natural Pesticide is a Ready-To-Use spray solution to ward away pesky plant critters such as Mealy Bugs, Spider Mites, Whiteflies, Aphids and many more including some general house pests.

Main ingredients are Neem Oil, Plant-Based Extract and Herbal Essential Oil

General Guidelines
Use preferably in the evenings or at night to prevent sun burn when exposed to heat from the sun.

  • For Uninfected Plants
    Use every 10-14 days • Mist gently over plants or soil
  • For Infected Plants
    Use regularly 2-3 days over infected area until you see a gradual decrease in the production of those pests