Jacktus Creative Design - Medicine Embroidery Iron

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These embroidered pins are all designed based on the local medicine/snack/ointment widely-used in Malaysia/all throughout Asia, mainly:

1) Hawthorn Flakes (popular and tasty snack!)
2) Cap Kapak Medicated Oil (for bug bite/dizziness/heat stroke)
3) Tiger Balm (everyone knows this haha)
4) Ru Yi Medicated Oil (for skin issue/bug bites)
5) Bao Ji Wan Po Chai Pills (for stomach problems)
6) Zambuk (for bruises) 
7) Pi Pa Gao (for cough and flu)

The chinese words are also are also meant to be funny/ wholesome puns. For example: 
Hawthorn Flakes in Chinese are called 山楂饼,but in my design it's called 人渣饼 aka scum biscuits, hence Hawthorn "FAKE".

Size: Roughly 7-8cm in height and 2-3cm in width depending on the design.

Each embroidery patch comes with a safety pin or iron on sticker.