Loka Made - Pop Up Postcard [Neighbourhood Refreshments & Kopitiam]

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Like inseparable lovers, you can almost always find both sugarcane and coconut juice at the same shop. When there’s sugarcane juice, there’s coconut too! Fresh out of the grinder or freshly cracked open coconut, ideal for thirst-quenching on a hot day.

One doesn’t simply order coffee at a kopitiam. ‘’Tauke, kopi gao!’’ You do it proudly with the local slang. Complete with half boiled egg and toast, they’d make the perfect pair.

This pop up piece comes with ready made die cut. No cutting is required. Perfect for anyone who has a knack for arts and crafts and appreciation for nostalgia.


•Quantity: 2 pieces in a set
•Size: 14.5 (w) x 20.5 (h) cm
•Paper: Arcoprint | 300gsm