Kuretake - Zig MS Calligraphy Metallic

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Kuretake's Zig Calligraphy Metallic Double-Sided Markers are great for writing beautiful calligraphy and lettering. The shiny metallic colours look beautiful on both light and dark coloured papers. You can even create pretty effects by blending the colours of different pens. Just colour one pen's tip with another colour and you'll see stunning blended colour when you write. The pens are perfect for scrapbooking, making cards, and other crafts.

These low-odour marker pens contain archival quality water-based pigment ink that is photo-safe, acid-free, water-resistant, lightfast, and xylene-free.

Please Note: These pens should be stored horizontally. Storing vertically may cause the glitter in the ink or metallic particles to settle at the bottom of the pens. If one tip seems to be writing with more saturated ink or metallic particles, please try storing the pen with the less saturated tip down for 24 hours.