Borneo Candle Studio - Soy Candle [Santan Cabin]

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Santan Cabin is a delicious buttery coconut scent layered with warm vanilla base with a hint of soft musk. An enticing complex blend that truly lingers in your room. 

Fragrance notes: coconut, vanilla, musk

Scent Family: gourmand

Burn Time: 20 - 30 hours (3.5oz)


  • 100% natural soy wax with phthalate-free fine fragrance & essential oil blends and lead-free cotton wicks
  • Free from paraffin, dyes and synthetic additives
  • Vegan-friendly + cruelty-free


Each Borneo Candle Studio Candle is handcrafted from start to finish with extra care + love in Borneo.