Eleagraphy is founded by Eleanor Chin, an artist and surface designer who currently resides in Kuala Lumpur. She is married to her best friend whom they've met in church. She's from an early childhood background and decided to venture into art in recent years. Art has been part of her life since she was young but never really pursued it further.

She took up watercolour painting and calligraphy workshops a few years back out of curiosity and since then she never looked back. After years of struggling with identity and perfectionism, she shifted her lifestyle and mindset to pursuing a life resting in God's fullness and grace. She learned so much about the beauty of imperfections and the joy of changing seasons in life through art. Her art is inspired by the beauty and wonders of God’s love for us through His creations and  words. She creates art to remind and encourage people of God and all that he is in their daily lives, reflecting love, hope and joy.