New Beginnings

Posted by Paul Ooi on

After noticing the dismal dearth of local markets here, the four of us friends banded together to bring a more regular event and platform for the local creatives and artists here. It didn't take long before we realized there were even more hidden talents right here in Miri - something we wouldn't have known if the Miri Artisan Market hadn't been launched. 

It has been more than a year since we started with barely twenty regular vendors and it has grown from strength to strength. 

But that isn't the end of our dreams and ambitions. We've always wanted a brick-and-mortar space. A more dedicated platform for our creatives here to share their work and passions on a daily basis. A co-working space where they can communicate and collaborate to produce literal magic. And not only that but to bring in even more creatives with art gallery showings to poetry and book readings here in Miri. 
And for dreamers like us, the noticeable lack of certain art tools - from brushes to canvases, from clay to yarn - really does nip the creative bud sometimes. 

So wouldn't it be nice if we had all that right here in Miri?  

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